Surveillance is monitoring presence, activities and behavior of movable and immovable objects within a marked area. Everything that comes in the purview of the surveillance system is closely monitored and activities and behavior recorded in a digital file carefully saved in an accessible cloud. The area under surveillance can be increased or decreased according to the level of security.

A surveillance system works as an advance warning system. It captures real-time footage of the area under surveillance and sends the footage to a data center for analysis where the video footage is studied to find suspicious things and movements. And it works for both the indoors and outdoors. CINT produces the equipment that make a flawless security system perfect for the security of residential, commercial and public places.

CINT security equipment can be put to different uses according to needs. For example, a retail store can monitor the movement of goods inside the store with surveillance technology. Similarly, the technology is good for keeping an eye over vehicular traffic passing through a signal. At home, you can see your kids playing outside and interrupt if you see foul play.

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  • CCTV surveillance is a revolution in physical security in homes, offices, shops and public spaces
  • It provides enhanced security for countless hours with amazing picture and voice clarity
  • The security system is easy-to-install and hassle-free to use
  • Anyone even with little knowledge on the CCTV technology can use the technology
  • The system works free from environmental impact and weather and temperature changes
  • CCTVs keep monitoring even in adverse weather conditions like heavy downpour and snow
  • The close circuit cameras can see in low light and dark with night vision technology
  • They can withstand dust, high-velocity wind, hailstorm and even pressure by heavy objects
  • Recordings are saved in a disc or in a cloud depending on the level of security
  • The surveillance technology provides a live-feed of the area under watch
  • The real-time video footage can be accessed through a computer
  • CCTV surveillance can be connected to mobiles and tablet for viewing real-time footage of the area
  • HD picture quality gives crystal clear images with every detail highlighted
  • Wide 360-degree view is provided by advanced CCTVs
  • Surveillance area can be increased to get a wide view of the surroundings
  • CCTVs can focus on a specific object for behavior monitoring and movement tracking
  • The surveillance system can be monitored remotely through mobile integration
  • CCTV surveillance is suitable for both indoor and outdoor security

Electronic surveillance is useful for many things from deterring crime to monitoring public behavior. The use changes according to the position of the cameras. Installed outside a defense establishment, a CCTV becomes a strong pillar of the security of the sensitive building. But the same device becomes a family member when installed inside a home.

It would keep watching your belongings, kids and pet when you are busy with other household work. You can view the area under surveillance in your mobile and feel safe. It is peace of mind that you can buy for your family. It is a meager investment for the many benefits you would get with CCTV surveillance.


CCTV installation makes a strong security system that is difficult to be breached. It works round the clock and it can be monitored and operated from a remote location. It is an electronic eye that will give you real-time footage of your home on your mobile.

Choosing a security system depends on factors like size of the property, architectural design, movement of goods and human and level of security. IP camera solutions are good for remote monitoring and analog cameras are for on-site monitoring. A good CCTV surveillance company can inspect your property to suggest a better security system.

The Benefits

Public Places -

  • Enhanced security from a terror strike
  • Recording vehicular movement and human traffic
  • Recognizing vehicles with their registration numbers and human with height, built and facial features
  • Eavesdropping on suspicious persons
  • Traffic monitoring at busy crossings and signals
  • Keeping a record of vehicles passing from toll booths
  • Monitoring staff movement inside the premises

Commercial +
Residential +

Electronics surveillance technology is here to help in policing, public monitoring, constant watch of important establishments, business development and peace of mind for homeowners. Its advantage is it never stops. Also, it is one-time investment as little maintenance is needed for CCTVs and there is little need for changing the security system in future.

CINT brings the best in surveillance technology for every need. We are one of the leading security companies in India and the world. Our experience in CCTV installation and maintenance is vast and we are taking our experience further. We provide customized solutions of individual needs at a very affordable price.

The objective of electronic surveillance is to boost physical security by reducing threat perception. Find others before they find you and stay alert from strangers and intruders. CCTV surveillance is the first line of defense for an establishment.