Service Description

Protection is a broad term used to define freedom from every perceivable threat. It is a condition for an elected government; duty of law-enforcement agencies and responsibility of every individual. The government makes rules for safety of life, liberty and property of citizens; the police keep a tab over criminal activities by unsocial people and the individuals take precautionary measures to keep residential and commercial establishments safe from intrusions.

The government is elected to make laws and implement those rules using the available manpower and resources. Law-enforcement agencies get the power to act in favor of civil society from the elected government. The police keep an eye over strangers, movement of people with criminal background and other activities that could be harmful for the civil society.

Individuals are free to take precautionary measures like fencing, walls and vehicle barriers to prevent unwanted persons from trespassing upon their properties. Also, the individuals are allowed to install security equipment for added security to their properties. The government and law-enforcement agencies expect individuals to take these measures and there are reasons for individuals to take advanced security measures for protection of their properties.

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  • Criminal and terrorist activities are on a rise and the law-enforcement agencies need help of civil society in keeping a check over these activities
  • Terrorists are targeting establishment of civil societies hence it is only the society that can take preventive measures
  • The objective of protection is defeated in the absence of preventive measures
  • Protection is defined as prevention that is preemptive measures taken to thwart perceivable threats
  • Civil society has become alert about its safety and it wants to take full-proof measures to ensure safety of its establishments
  • Centers of business activities form backbone of economy of a country but these centers are facing the threat of sabotage
  • Security equipment helps law-enforcement agencies by reducing the speed and force of destructive powers
  • Law-enforcement agencies need time to act and they get time to notice threat and act accordingly only when the intruders are halted
  • Security devices discourage criminals and terrorists from striking
  • Advanced security measures like security lighting that brings every activity into notice can reduce suspicious movement of human and objects considerably
  • Security equipment is easily available at a very affordable price for added protection
  • CCTVs can provide protection from external as well as internal threat that threat from insiders
  • Advanced security technology gives real time tracking data and allows real time monitoring with remote control

Civil society is at war today and this war is fought within the society where the anti-social elements want to destroy the lifeline of society. The enforcement agencies are doing their best but much needs to be done before the society is declared free from threats.

Securing individual establishments can help in improving security of civil society. You can see who is approaching towards you from a distance. A close-circuit-camera can even detect intention of persons active within its range. It can be connected to web and integrated with mobiles for ease-of-handling. And it takes nothing to buy, install and maintain a CCTV and other devices. If you aren’t having CCTVs in your premises, you are living in an insecure world.


Security companies provide 100% protection from terror strike, burglars, thieves and intruders. It is a service available at a very affordable price that you can pay to feel safe and security in your home and office. The process is to give you more eyes to look around and ears to listen to the muffled voice of intruders.

CCTV cameras come in a wide variety of sizes and functionality. They are tough security agents as they keep working day and night. These high-end security devices can keep working in rough weather conditions. They can zoom-in on distant objects and record activities even in darkness. The recording can be saved in a hard disc in analog devices and in cloud in IP devices.

You can do a security check in your home to determine how many CCTVs you need and where to install the cameras. The security devices would be installed at marked places and the company would take responsibility of successful installation and maintenance. A close-circuit-camera can change your view about security and protection. It is the best thing you can do for your family, property, belongings and the society.

The Benefits

  • A feeling of security is the biggest advantage of having CCTVs and other security devices in and around your residence and workplace
  • Enhanced security from intruders and unfriendly insiders that could be more dangerous than strangers
  • See the people visiting your home and children playing outside on the CCTV
  • Get the CCTV footage in your mobile to stay connected to your home and workplace
  • Keep an eye over your belongings inside/outside the home with the help of CCTVs
  • Reduce the risk of theft and burglary by securing your home with advanced security devices
  • Keep your children, pet and house servants in discipline by watching their activities in CCTVs
  • Lead a safe, secure and healthy life by using security devices in and around your home

Some people argue that CCTVs can intrude upon privacy of others but this breach of privacy is the necessary for protection of civil society. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the civil society should be ready to accept CCTVs for safety and security of the society.

Security devices have technicalities involved. They are technical marvels but they need careful selection and maintenance. The security technologies keep changing the design and functionality of security devices. It is only with technological advancements that society can protect its citizens and its establishments. As an individual member of society, it’s your responsibility to keep your surroundings safe for your family, friends, neighbors and visitors.

A security device isn’t a luxury but a necessity. When you hear knock on your main door, you try seeing who is at the door. A CCTV on the main entrance would give you the real time footage of your entrance. Having a CCTV is like upgrading your security.