Detection is a technical term used to define a successful action taken for physical security. It is like a rescue operation to abort a terror strike; prevent a burglary and stop the intrusion. The process is to detect strangers and note their suspicious activities. The prior information regarding an approaching threat provides some time to get ready to take advance safety measures to protect life, liberty and property of citizens.

Detection improves security. It keeps strangers away from a guarded place. The word guarded place is used for buildings, establishments and places that could be busy streets, residential complexes, business centers and individual homes, offices and shops. An area where advanced security equipment is installed is called a safeguarded place. The good thing is that anyone can turn his home a safe place to live in with the help of security cameras.

There are many ways for detecting suspicious movements, weapons, bombs and other objectionable objects. A metal detector is a good example of a detection device. But you should choose a device according to your needs. A close-circuit-camera is a great detection device for a home. But a metal detector is also needed for strengthening the security of a public place like a railway station and airport.

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  • High-end CCTVs packet with latest camera technology can easily capture and record the movement of a distant object with amazing clarity
  • Latest design CCTV cameras can take a 360-degree view of their surroundings and also zoom-in on specific objects or persons with remote control commands
  • The pictures clearly show who is approaching; what its size is; it’s built; the speed with which it is approaching and where it is headed for
  • If the object is a vehicle, the CCTVs clearly show its make, model, color, customization, registration number, driver and the passengers
  • The new CCTVs come with face detection technology that is they can recognize faces and identify people with a criminal intention
  • Analog CCTV cameras record videos in their memory that can be expanded as and when required
  • IP CCTV cameras save recording in clouds and also they give real time updates on mobiles
  • IP CCTVs can be configured with mobiles for getting total control over the cameras
  • Smoke detectors can sense even a very thin layer of smoke and send alarm bells ringing to send alert for fire
  • Heat sensors do the similar job by sensing heat and the alarm bells start ringing
  • Metal detectors can detect metal pieces of any type and size

Detection is the first and the most important step in protection and security. When you detect a threat, you get ready to deal with it. You get time to study the threat and take precautionary measure. You can see what is threatening the safety of your home, property and family. Having detection equipment at home will keep the burglars away from your property.

Detectors are playing a crucial role in improving security infrastructure in sensitive areas like defense establishments and public places with high footfall. Placed at entrance points, they help security guards detect weapons and nab criminal before they enter a guarded area. The detectors are available in different sizes and they work independently. The security staff only needs reading the alert signals send by detectors.


Detection takes the security to a level up where a threat perception can be stopped as soon as it is noticed. The process is to notice a threat before getting noticed by the threat. It is like staying a step ahead than the others. And it is possible only with the latest security technology that can notice even the smallest detail.

Security devices are detecting criminals, terrorists, weapons, bombs and suspicious movements of vehicles and flying objects. These devices have increased the safety of life and property to a great extent. People know that they are being watched and for this reason, they behave decently. Security companies across the globe are busy safeguarding establishments and territories. They are providing security cover to everyone including the police and army.

The Benefits

  • CCTVs send the recordings for quick security analysis to defense establishments where the suspicious movements are noticed and tracked
  • Advanced CCTVs can even detect criminals even in a crowd and send alert to security establishments
  • The recorded movements and actions are admissible evidence in a court where the criminals can be identified and put behind the bars
  • As soon as a suspicious person or vehicle is detected, its movement is monitored to prevent him from doing any harm to the civil society
  • Metal detectors make it easy to scan every person entering a premise to make sure that no person with criminal intention enters any establishment
  • CCTVs can even detect the criminal in the disguise of citizens moving inside a residential complex or commercial establishment
  • Smoke detectors and heat sensors help in detecting a fire before it spreads to its surroundings
  • Detectors are easy to buy, install, maintain and use
  • Everyone including homeowners is allowed to protect his property with high-end detectors
  • The detecting devices consume little space and energy but they do a remarkable job in enhancing the security of establishments
  • Detectors send alert signals well ahead of a disaster

The first step in security is the detection of threat. When a threat is detected, preventive measures can be taken by the security agencies. A person can break into your home only on accessing the home but a CCTV can see a stranger approaching your home from a distance and send alert signals to alert you.

Installing a CCTV or any other detector is a hassle-free job. You only need approaching a security agency for help and leave everything on the agency. An engineer from the agency would inspect your property and mark the areas where detectors can be installed. He will select detectors matching with your needs.

Security technology has made it possible to take detect and identify threats from a distance. It is a big help but it isn’t the limit to detection technology. The security companies across the globe are working hard to develop technologies that make the world a safe place to live in.