Surveillance is an observation of activities of things monitored for the purpose of the behavioural study of the monitored objects; anticipating their actions; calculating the outcome of those actions; raising an alarm based on the calculations and helping security services in ensuring the safety of the things under surveillance. Observation is done by recording visuals with CCTVs and intercepting electronically transmitted information with mobile jammers. The objective is to secure human life and live stocks and improve the safety of property and establishments available within a specific area. Surveillance as an ongoing process gives 100% success for every need and in every condition including low-light and rough weather.



Protection is more a physical process than technical. Here the security personnel ensure the safety of civil society citizens and public and private properties using their training and equipment. They prevent envious people, unsocial elements, criminals and terrorists from causing any damage to the human life and property. Protected from physical assaults including bullets and bomb explosions, the security personnel stay prepared to provide ground security cover to the men and material present at the protected area. They use video surveillance and detection kits to detect strangers and suspicious objects. The detected things are segregated are neutralized before they are charged.


CINT: Sliding Gate Operator

Gate Automation

A gate operator is a machine used to power gates to operate according to given commands or in a predetermined fashion. A gate works as the first physical barrier to a restricted area and an operating machine makes it fully functional and safe from physical assault. The machine moves the gate back and forth or up and down or to any other direction like slide and swing. An automatic gate can only open opened with its machine that could be electrical, hydraulic, chain-driven or geared. An advantage of this gate is that it is suitable for homes, offices, driveways and garages.



Detection is the process of surveillance where the collected data is segregated for individual monitoring of things under surveillance. It helps in detecting the presence of strangers and locating foreign objects in any given area. In detection, the surveillance is taken to the ground level where everyone and everything present in the area under surveillance is individually examined. It is a physical examination done with detection tools. A door frame metal detector is a good example of a detection device. These devices can detect everything from explosives to smoke. Availability of detection technology allows users to select devices according to their needs.




A barrier is a temporary obstruction to both vehicular and human traffic. It is temporary in nature because the objective is to ensure security compliance, discipline and smooth flow of traffic. These barriers are used in toll booths, checkpoints, parking facilities, level crossings, entrance to buildings and other public properties. Available in a wide range of choice and functionality, they are found everywhere including public and private properties. Boom barriers are used for guarding restricted entries and flap and tripod barriers are installed to control the movement of human traffic and goods. These barriers are important parts of the security infrastructure of protected places.


Access Control

Access control(AC) is an act of restricting access to an area to selected individuals and vehicles. The act of accessing involves entering an area for a specific purpose and only authorized persons are allowed to access a restricted area. It makes a security system that filters the traffic entering into a given place like a building and parking. AC is widely used in offices and homes. Biometric access control is a good example of office access where employees get access to their offices through the biometric signs like fingerprint and face scanner. Private homes have video door phones for access control.


CINT Card Reader Access Control


A scanner is a security device used for detecting hidden objects like explosives, contraband material and smuggled goods in the human body, luggage and even under automobiles. It does primary scanning without causing any inconvenience to the public. If any suspicious thing is found in scanning, the security personnel can go for manual scanning of the luggage or human in question. Available in different sizes including handheld design for vehicle under-checking, this device is found everywhere including airports, metro stations and government establishments and parking areas. Easy-to-install and convenient-to-use, this device plays a crucial role in improving security in a restricted area.