About Us

CINT Security Pvt Ltd. is an India based company that is a known leader in design & innovator in the field of security products. We have been serving our customers for over 2 decades providing them with quality products at a competitive rate. The company has served several critical installations including various defence agencies.

Proud to Make in India

  • Under the ‘Make in India’ program, CINT has set up a fully-integrated manufacturing facility in the Sanand–II, Gujarat spread across 40,000 square feet.
  • CINT’s Sanand Unit is equipped with a state-of-the art research & development centre focused on cutting edge innovation in the field of electronics and electronics security products manufacturing such as Boom Barriers, CCTV cameras, Metal Detectors to name a few and other surveillance equipment.
  • The facility has an extensive green belt and intends to achieve a net neutral carbon footprint by 2024. That is, the production facility will have a zero-carbon footprint by 2024.
  • 100% Make in India products – Our company is committed to providing 100% made in India products. We provide top quality products manufactured in India while maintaining international standards and competitive pricing.

The Organization

We started as an IT hardware & software company in 1992 serving only a handful of clients and it went on to become one of the leading security solutions company in India and the world. And its clients include some of the big corporate companies and government agencies. It is headquartered in India in the NCR but it operates in multiple countries in Asia and America. Today, CINT has become a trustworthy name for high-end security solutions for both indoors and outdoors. And the company aims to become the best security solution company in the next 5 years.

A brief history of CINT

The company is the brainchild of an innovative entrepreneur Mr. Sumeet Bhasin, a pioneer in IT services. He studied the value of electronic surveillance for heightened security and anticipated its need in the light of terror threat to important business and government establishments much before the terror attack on Parliament of India and the 9/11 attack on the USA. Mr. Bhasin came up with the idea of providing viable security solutions to counter the terror threat. The foundation stone of the company was laid in the presence of academicians, bureaucrats and celebrities including then Vice-Chancellor Delhi University, Shri T.N. Chaturvedi Ex CAG GOI and Cinestar Shri Shatrughan Sinha.
CINT History

Growth of CINT

CINT started its services with High-Commissions in India but soon graduated to the corporate sector that is more concerned about the security of its establishments, assets, human resource and investments. Today CINT has 116 embassies as its prestigious clients and this number is growing every year.


Some of the achievements of CINT

– 100% client retention rate even in these competitive times
– .00001% product replacement rate
– .00006% annual maintenance rate of products

Surveillance security system and machines installed by CINT in 1995 are still working at a few places. The clients are satisfied with the performance and maintenance of these machines and they opt for replacement only to upgrade their security setup.

The biggest achievement

CINT joined hands with Ministry of Education to impart IT education in government-run schools in Afghanistan. CINT is the first Indian IT company to enter into an agreement with a government agency for an education program. The agreement between CINT and the ministry was signed in the year 2000.
According to the agreement, the company needs to open an office in Afghanistan to monitor its education programs. CINT soon started its operation in Afghanistan.
CINT got its first overseas break in Afghanistan after which it moved to the US, Singapore and Hong Kong for different projects. Today CINT has the credit of having in multiple countries. The company has plans to extend the reach of its products to global markets.

CINT India legacy

The company recently celebrated its silver-jubilee in the year 2017. It commenced in 1992 as an IT service company but today it has grown up into a leading organization providing security solutions in India and the world.
CINT produces and supplies electronic surveillance systems to the world and its security machines are playing a significant role in transforming the world into a safe place for the civil society. It makes the security devices needed to address security concerns of corporate and government establishments.
The 9/11 attack on America changed the security perception of world governments that start equipping their cities that have turned into economic zones with electronic surveillance systems. Being a leading security company, CINT takes the responsibility of providing the best in security machines to its clients that include embassies, corporate companies and government agencies.
CINT is writing new growth stories with its vision that is racing towards a secure world. Armed with the latest technology, CINT is ready to take the challenge of working with law enforcement agencies to keep the unsocial elements and insurgents at bay. Its work has been praised by civil society, government agencies and the corporate world that is lately targeted by insurgents.
CINT is ready to take the world a step ahead in terms of security and safety of its citizens. It is working hard to provide the best in security systems with the help of latest technology in electronic surveillance. CINT wants to remain at the forefront in the fight against terrorism.

CINT leadership

Mr. Sumeet Bhasin continues to guide and advice CINT with his rich experience in IT and security systems. The visionary entrepreneur works as a lighthouse for the CINT team comprising of manufacturing units, sales professionals and customer care executives. It is only under the light and sight of a visionary like Mr. Sumeet Bhasin that CNIT can achieve high growth and become a star performer in the competitive sector of electronic surveillance. Mr. Bhasin gives his best to the company as his role isn’t limited to supervising the company job. He keeps an eye on the technological advancements and finds ways to incorporate the latest technology in his products.

Sustained credibility

CINT follows a very strict code of business conduct to carry out its operations in a timely manner. The employees are trained in conducting business to the highest standard where the integrity of the organization is kept intact.

Key elements
– The highest level of quality check for products
– Employees are trained to follow the communication line of business
– Customers are provided first priority
– Periodic review of product quality and team performance
– Find areas of improvement
– Live, work and grow like a family

The products

CINT offers a wide range of security system products including CCTVs, fire alarms, panic switches and heat detector. The company wants to provide a comprehensive range of security products and it is working hard to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for its clients.
The company defines a product as a service and it includes installation, guarantee and maintenance in the service. The objective of service is to keep the product functional. The company has achieved the highest client retention rate and it is able to keep the product replacement and maintenance rate lowest. Also, CINT has successfully maintained its growth standards.