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CINT: Bomb Blanket

Bomb Blanket

Bomb blankets are used for mitigating the destructive effects of explosive devices. Constructed from ballistic fibres, these blankets..
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bomb suit

Bomb suits provide security to human life from the destructive effects of explosive devices especially planted bombs and landmines…
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bullet proof halmet

A Bullet Proof Helmet is a piece of armour designed to protect the head in physical combat situations like war, rioting and mob controlling…
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CINT- Bullet Proof Jacket

bullet proof jacket

Bullet Proof Jackets are widely used in military, police and civil security agencies as body armour to reduce the impact of firearms…
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CINT- Bullet Proof Vest

bullet proof vest

A Bullet Proof Vest is a ballistic armour that can absorb the impact of gunshots, blades, shrapnel and other firearm projectiles and fragments…
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electric fencing

An electric fence makes a barrier for stray animals and strangers that often trespass into unknown territories…
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solar fencing

Solar electric fencing is used as a cost-effective alternative to the electric fence that uses low volt electric supply or chargeable…
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CINT- Stun Baton

stun baton

A stun baton is an incapacitating weapon used for self-defense device during physical assault situations…
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